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Though the advances in the automobile sector are taking place everyday, and now it seems that once you buy a car you don?t have to spend money any more, the reality is far different, and that’s the reason why we recommend you this great application which will let you manage the money you spend in your car and the features of it.

The first time you run it you can select the calculation method you prefer (Metric system, UK system or US System, you know, liters/ gallons, Km/ miles and MPG/ liters/100Km)

Keep an on its maintenance, the kilometers run, the tires, the fuel consumption, etc. It is a good way to control your money and control when you have to have it revised.

Even if you have an accident, you can write it and store all data related to it.

If it has to do with your car,... it is in My car-Monitor and it is easy to use, because it is housed in an intuitive and easy to use interface which will make even easier to control the data of your car.

It analyzes all data and establishes a Health line which is an average of all of them and is a really good way to know the general status of your vehicle.

My-Car Monitor is theoretically freeware but actually it is a regware software. you can register for free just sending an e-mail with ?registration request? in the subject line. Entering the received codes you will access even more features.

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